First and foremost, if you are here on this website and have lost a loved one we here at Tudor Funeral Home offer our deepest condolences at this time. Letting you know, that we are here to help you in your decision making process. Both emotionally and financially, we are here to answer any question you may have.

Our Direct Cremations Packages are available for$ 595.00 complete.
Funerals starting at $2999.00
Family owned and operated.
Completely renovated Premises. See our Services page for more details.


Cremation Options

Our cremation options cover all budgets, and offer the same high quality service at every level. All of our services are done with the utmost care and respect for you and your loved one.Read More

Funeral Options

We provide Funeral Services that are tailored to your needs and wishes, and those of the dearly departed. We have a wide range of different options and service types, to properly care for you and your loved ones in any way needed.Read More

Memorial Services

Our Memorial Services are tailored to you and your loved ones wishes. Whether it be a small family service, or a large service, we will ensure that all of your memorial needs at this trying time are met.Read More